The company CRETELION

Our company was founded in 2016 and operates in the wholesale sector and retail of quality agricultural products produced in Greece, and especially in our homeland, Crete. Our business is located in the prefecture of Heraklion, in the village of Profitis Ilias, at the north-west slopes of the hill Rocca, about 18 km from Heraklion.

Areas of activity

The CRETELION IKE operates with great success in the following areas:

• in the production, collection, processing and packaging of herbs,

• offers services of certified production, processing and standardization of conventional and organic olive oil,

• production, packaging and trade of excellent quality and taste of naturally dried raisins,

• standardization and trading of fresh and raw Greek honey, and finally

• in the trading and standardization of excellent quality olives.

We monitor the production processes in the countryside, the handling of products during transport, packaging as well as their containment. In this way we ensure complete quality control at all stages of production and marketing, in accordance with applicable standards. We work with the largest companies of standardization in the field of our products and we cooperate exclusively with Greek farmers. In our web page you can find the best goods, produced in the Greek land.

Trading and Exports

Currently we are developing dynamically into new markets by creating a series of standardized CRETELION products which we proudly present in the international and domestic markets. With great enthusiasm and tenacity we seek and offer the best agricultural goods of Greek nature to those who appreciate quality at extremely competitive prices.

Quality Assurance

We take advantage of our skills and professionalism to ensure that the final product reaches our customers in perfect condition with its nutritional values and taste completely intact. Each of us is committed on a daily basis to offer excellent products with personal supervision in almost all stages of production, packing and distribution.

We carefully take into account the climatic conditions, intensively follow the methods and practices of crop and production of our products. We store our products at suitable sites, maintaining appropriate temperatures and ensuring optimal conditions that keep all nutrients. Finally we carry out routine sensory and chemical analysis to ensure the quality we offer to our customers.

Objective and philosophy

What distinguishes us is to be approachable, maintaining low prices, so that our products can be found directly in every household, always respecting the consumer, in difficult times, making sure that our customers remain satisfied.

The love and trust we receive, were the forces that drove us to create An e-shop which serves our customers both in Greece and abroad.

Our vision is to continue to evolve by investing at each stage of our production, so all the products added to our range are of excellent quality, cultivated and prepared using methods which respect the traditions and the environment. With the same enthusiasm and passion inherited to us by our ancestors, we guarantee that each and every one of our products arriving at your family table will offer you flavors, aromas and all the nutritional values of the Mediterranean diet.