Tomato, Feta and Barley rusk – Dakos

Dakos is the traditional Cretan salad and a rough Mediterranean delicacy. Dakos located in the lists of all the restaurants on the island of Crete, and is one of the many traditional dishes that have become a delicious delicacies.

Dakos the real cretan dish

Servings 1, Execution time 5’


1 large round barley rusk

2 tbsp extra olive oil Cretelion

1 large tomato, grated

salt (add a little extra during a heat wave if you are wilting)

freshly ground black pepper

50-100 gr goat or feta cheese, crumbled

1 tbsp Cretan oregano Cretelion

1 tbsp capers or chopped olives

a pinch of crushed dry chilli



Run the rusk under the tap so that it’s wet on both sides. Sprinkle with half of the extra virgin olive oil Cretelion. Spoon the tomato pulp equally over the rusks, juice and all. Sprinkle with feta, Cretan oregano Cretelion, black pepper and salt. Drizzle with the remaining extra virgin olive oil Cretelion.

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